It all started when Alibaba Ong had problems finding quality muesli oats to fuel his 100-Day Plant Based Challenge. He decided to take matters into his own hands one fine day by creating his own version of muesli, nowadays better known as our signature "Wonder Muesli".

Alibaba is a certified plant-based expert by T. Colin Campbell's Center of Nutritional Studies of Cornell University, USA. Prior to starting Wonder Penguin, he was a Regional Lead with Nippon Paint Asia and has travelled to more than 25 countries. As a corporate professional who was always on the go, he understands the challenges of eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst in a busy job. As a global traveller who has immersed himself in different cultures, he continues to be inspired by the cuisines of the world and aims to share the power of plant-based all-natural foods in transforming our health.

The brand’s name WONDER PENGUIN was chosen because “wonder” refers to all things curious and surprising, and this word describes the founder’s love for exploring healthy food ideas perfectly. The word “penguin” was chosen because it represents the founder quite well and we’d like to think that it’s okay to be a little awkward like a PENGUIN! The combination of both word also hints what you can find in this online shop; quality healthy food specially handcrafted for those who care about healthy living.

At Wonder Penguin, it is our mission to bring back the true value of real food and to transform Malaysians' lives with healthy eating. Our all-natural superfoods have been featured in the press and media in creating awareness and promoting the future of foods.

Our Philosophy

All-natural foods for a healthier day-to-day

Quality healthy food specially handcrafted for those who care about healthy living.

Eat Consciously, Live Joyfully

Most off-the-shelf food products contain artificial ingredients, which can be damaging to your body when consumed daily.

We believe that your body should be toxin-free, which is why we only use all-natural super nuts, seeds and grains. We handpick our ingredients for you to enjoy exceptional quality.

Wonder Menu

Grab our Superfoods to indulge in the world of natural goodness.



Fresh & Tasty


“We continuously work on our mission, to educate and share the power of natural plant-based foods with the community.”
- Alibaba Ong, Founder & Superfood Hero