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May 10, 2021

Wonder Muesli Powers Up This Future Female Pilot



Agnes is an AirAsia pilot with a passion for flying and cycling. She lives a fairly active lifestyle and is always looking for options to boost her energy levels, and power up her weekend rides and other fitness activities.

Agnes first came across Wonder Penguin in early 2021 having met our Founder Alibaba, a fellow cyclist in Penang island. After hearing positive recommendations from other cyclists in the group on how good the Wonder Muesli was, she decided to give it a try.

Nowadays, Wonder Muesli is a big part of her breakfast plan to power her bike rides and busy days at Gala House Café (p/s She orders a HUGE bag for the whole month). Here is what she has to say:

“ I like that the muesli is very convenient to eat and it is also nutritious. ”

We are praying everyone’s health and looking forward to seeing Agnes in her pilot uniform and flying in the skies very soon. Just remember to pack up our Wonder Muesli for a quick snack in the cockpit!

Click here to order your own bag of Wonder Muesli today.

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