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May 10, 2021

Busy Insurance Manager Loves Our Grab & Go Wonder Bar



Ryan is someone who is always on the go with his career as an insurance manager. He is always moving from one client meeting to another, with very limited time to eat proper and full meals. “Active” is how he would describe himself with a busy lifestyle.

Ryan first came across Wonder Penguin in early 2021 having met our Founder Alibaba, a fellow cyclist in Penang island. Initially he was hesitant on how “natural” our products are, having previously bought foods marketed as “natural” but turned out processed. After spending some time learning about our superfood ingredients, he was keen to give our Wonder Bar a try!

The best thing? Now he cannot live without our all-natural Wonder Bar and you’ll be able to find a box in his car. Perfect for his active lifestyle, our Wonder Bar is his grab-and-go buddy. Here is what he has to say:

“Wonder Bar is the best. On-The-Go fuel that does not compromise on good quality nutrients.”

We wish Ryan the best of health and just a reminder to take care of himself whilst he is busy out and about interacting with his amazing clients!

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