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May 10, 2021

Our Wonder Bar is This PhD Candidate’s Gym Buddy



Ali is a PhD candidate working in the field related to time series analysis, machine learning and deep learning (advanced analytics AI). He is data scientist who is accustomed to solving the problems through a research-oriented perspective.

Ali first came across Wonder Penguin in mid 2020 on LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, where our Founder Alibaba shares his healthy eating tips. It was in the early phases of our start-up and we were in the midst of perfecting our natural foods recipes.

He decided to give our signature Wonder Muesli and Wonder Bar a try, and this is his experience:

“Especially the Wonder Bar you will not regret munching it after your workout. Ingredients, for both Muesli and Wonder Bar, are natural. You’ll definitely notice the wholesomeness, the first time you try.”

We are looking forward to share more of our exciting innovations with Ali in the future and wishing him a great time working out, with his gym buddy, our Wonder Bar!

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