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We do not place much attention to our food these days. What most of us care about are the price and the taste. Price and taste determines the popularity of the food. Think about donuts, white bread toast, roti prata/canai, cereals, biscuits, fried noodles etc.

Busy Insurance Manager Loves Our Grab & Go Wonder Bar

Ryan is someone who is always on the go with his career as an insurance manager. He is always moving from one client meeting to another, with very limited time to eat proper and full meals. “Active” is how he would describe himself with a busy lifestyle.

Wonder Muesli Powers Up This Future Female Pilot

Agnes is an AirAsia pilot with a passion for flying and cycling. She lives a fairly active lifestyle and is always looking for options to boost her energy levels, and power up her weekend rides and other fitness activities.

Our Wonder Bar is This PhD Candidate’s Gym Buddy

Ali is a PhD candidate working in the field related to time series analysis, machine learning and deep learning (advanced analytics AI). He is data scientist who is accustomed to solving the problems through a research-oriented perspective.

9-5 Corporate Professional Stays Healthy with Wonder Muesli

Joanne is your typical corporate professional in a 9-5 job (more like 9-9 job) who spends a lot of time in front of her computer focused on her team’s priorities. Eating right and eating on time can become a challenge especially when work or project deadlines are close.

A Sexagenarian’s Improved Health with Natural Foods

Madam Low, or better known as our #PokokMummy is our founder Alibaba’s mum and also the secret sauce behind our signature all-natural foods. A food-lover all her life, she has been cooking and baking for more than 40 years. When Alibaba first started his plant-based journey, she helped to prepare all-natural dishes.

Our Founder, Alibaba Ong’s Plant-Based Food Lifestyle

It all started when founder, Alibaba Ong had problems finding quality muesli oats to fuel his 100-Day Plant Based Challenge. He decided to take matters into his own hands one fine day by creating his own version of muesli, nowadays better known as our signature "Wonder Muesli".